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Sponsorships, Donations, International Cooperation, etc.

Basic Concept

The JAL Group believes that the realization of a symbiotic society where people in various conditions can live and work in their respective environments will lead to the growth and sustainable development of society, and collaborates with related organizations.

Sponsorship and Donations

Addressing poverty and hunger

We participate in activities to provide opportunities for meals to realize happy and prosperous lives for people around the world.

TABLE FOR TWO Employee Cafeteria Program

The JAL Group participates in Japan’s social contribution program, TABLE for TWO Program (hereinafter “TFT Program”), which aims to reduce hunger in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries under the guidance of NPO TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT Secretariat).
In the TFT Program, 20 yen per menu item is donated to the TFT Secretariat and the donation is allocated to school lunch service companies for children in developing countries that suffer from hunger. Twenty yen is the amount equivalent to one school lunch in a developing country, and for every meal eaten, one school lunch is presented to children in developing countries. In addition, the menu is nutritionally balanced, and purchasers can also prevent lifestyle diseases.

Support to Maintain and Improve Health

We conduct breast cancer awareness activities to create a world without breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Campaign

The JAL Group supports the objective of the Breast Cancer Campaign (formerly, Pink Ribbon Campaign), which aims to increase knowledge of breast cancer and facilitate its early detection, and has participated in awareness-raising activities since FY2004.Breast cancer is said to have the highest incidence rate among women and can be cured if detected and treated early. It is recommended to do a breast self-exam once a month and receive a medical checkup once a year.
In October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we conduct activities to raise awareness of employees, and operate Pink Ribbon Flights and sell pink ribbon products aboard flights to raise awareness of customers.

Other Donations and Sponsorships

We donate to the philanthropic activities[28 KB : PDF] PDFincluding the following as a corporate citizen.

Donations to historic buildings

We pray for the swift reconstruction of historic buildings and provide support.
Contributions received are donated through the relevant organizations.

This table can be scrolled horizontally.
Period For Amount Miles donated In-house donations
October 2019 Shuri Castle JPY10 million 16,896,000 miles JPY1,094,512
April 2019 Notre Dame 40,000EURO (approx. JPY5 million) 1,962,000 miles -

Support for UNICEF

The JAL Group supports UNICEF activities using the features of an airline.
We have cooperated with UNICEF activities for many years as a member of the UNICEF Foreign Coins Collection Executive Committee.
The main activities are as follows.

Foreign coins collection aboard flights “Change for Good®

JAL launched “Change for Good®” on the Narita-New York route in 1991 to collect foreign currency left over from trips abroad as a UNICEF donation. In 2006, it was expanded to all JAL-operated international flights, and from 2019, to JAL-operated domestic flights. Donations raised through this activity are used by UNICEF to protect the lives, health and rights of children.

Cooperation with transport of foreign coins

As a member of the UNICEF Foreign Coins Collection Executive Committee, JAL continues to support "Change for Good®" and the free transportation of foreign currency collected in Japan to foreign countries.

Aircraft painted with UNICEF logo
UNICEF donation boxes in lounges at Narita, Haneda and Kansai International Airports (international flights only)
Volunteer employees participating in charity events such as street fundraising

International Cooperation

JAL conducts activities for students and children worldwide to promote cultural exchanges and nurture the rich sensibility of children, with the cooperation of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation JAL Foundation.

JAL Scholarship Program

University students from the Asia-Oceania region are invited to Japan to participate in training, fieldwork and theme-based presentations together with Japanese students and experience traditional culture, crafts and food with the aim to deepen their understanding of Japan and nurture the young generation who will be leaders in promoting mutual understanding and contributing to peace in the Asia-Oceania region. It is held every year from Jun to July for about three weeks, while traveling around Japan.
Launched in 1975, the program is operated with the cooperation of the JAL Foundation and JAL and has attracted 1,641 international students up till FY2019.
In recent years, alumni associations have been created around the world to connect participant across countries and build an alumni network around the world.
For the latest information on the JAL Scholarship Program, please visit the JAL Foundation websiteOpen link in a new window.

World Children's Haiku

We aim to spread the joy of creating haiku among children around the world including Japan, nurture their sensibility through haiku composition and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and Japan that gave birth to haiku, the world’s shortest form of poetry.
Since its establishment in 1990, the JAL Foundation has biennially organized the “World Children’s Haiku Contest” for children 15 years and under. Participants are asked to send a haiku under a specific theme together with a hand-drawn or hand-made artwork that captures a scene or memory related to the haiku.
All prize-winning haiku are collected and published the next year in an anthology in their native language with Japanese and English translations. Copies are donated to educational institutions and libraries in Japan and overseas.
Excellent works from each country can be viewed as inflight entertainment aboard JAL International Boeing 787 aircraft. More than 700,000 works from 57 countries and regions have been submitted to the fifteen Contests held to date.

Other JAL Foundation Activities

The JAL Foundation conducts various training programs domestically and internationally (internships, “Sky Day” project to send Japanese junior high school students to major airports overseas, lectures for globally-minded citizens, etc.) as youth development programs.
For more information please visit the JAL Foundation websiteOpen link in a new window.

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