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Initiatives at ground facilities

Promotion of energy saving

Reducing of Energy

The JAL Group has established a target of reducing average annual per-unit energy consumption by at least 1% for ground facilities. For six years in a row since 2015, we received an S Class good business operator classification in the Business Operator Classification Evaluation System under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Act), which is administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Renewal of lights to LED in JAL Maintenance Center

The JAL Maintenance Center, located adjacent to Haneda airport, is a facility with various functions such as maintenance facility that supports safe operation 24 hours a day, including maintenance and inspection of aircrafts, exhibition of the “JAL factory tour ~SKY MUSEUM~" (currently suspended) and office functions.
In order to improve operation efficiency and to save energy, we are updating lights of the hangar ceiling, dock (workplace), exhibition area of the SKY MUSEUM and office areas to LED fixtures.
Due to a large effect of energy saving, we are reducing approximately 1,000 tons of CO2 every year.
JAL Maintenance Center is a designated facility of CO2 emission reduction obligation and emissions trading (Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program) of the Tokyo metropolitan area. In accordance with the regulations, we are conducting verification by third party organizations, and we have reduced more than the obligation reducing ratio in the last 10 years since 2011. (excess reduced amount is approximately 4,000 tons)

LED high ceiling fixtures of the hangar
Dock inside the hangar of which the lights were updated to LED fixtures
Entrance of the “JAL factory tour ~SKY MUSEUM~"
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