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Sustainable Challenge Flights to New York
(September 14-20, 2023)

The JAL Group is pleased to announce another challenge towards a sustainable future, “Sustainable Challenge Flights” on the JL6 flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to New York, from September 14th to 20th, under the slogan “A sustainable future together”. This is the second phase of our sustainable challenge flights following the successful Tokyo (Haneda) to Okinawa (Naha) charter flight last November.

Actions of this Flight

Actions towards net zero CO2 emissions

Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

SAF made from animal fat is used for approximately 11% of the total fuel load.
For the first time in Japan, imported neat SAF (pure unmixed SAF) is blended with jet fuel in Japan for use in airplanes.

Use of carbon credits

Valid credits will be used during the pilot phase of CORSIA*, and together with SAF and operational initiatives, we aim to achieve net zero CO2 emissions.

*CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation): A scheme that requires international flights to purchase emission credits for the portion of CO2 emissions in excess of the baseline in 2019.

Effective use of limited resources

We offer various inflight service items in consideration with sustainability.

Reduction of single-use plastics

On this flight, wrappings of cutleries, slippers, headphones and relaxing wears are replaced to recycled plastic.
Slippers are be made of hemp (jute) instead of plastic, and handles of toothbrushes are changed from plastic to bamboo.
In addition, the mattresses are made of "air fiber," which is horizontally recycled from used mattresses.


JAL's original craft gin "Re FLY" by Ethical Spirits is served.
Coffee grounds used in JAL lounges were reused and flavored.

Sustainable inflight meals

Enjoy sustainable inflight meals, including the use of non-standard ingredients and the "50 Future Foods".


We ensure that all our customers can enjoy their trip with peace of mind by providing guidance at special assistance counters at the airport and the hospitality of our cabin attendants with in-house accessibility-related certifications on board.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aiming to build a society where everyone can shine, we are using artwork drawn by artists with intellectual disabilities contracted by Heralbony Inc. on the sleeves (paper strips) of inflight meals served in economy class.
On the day of the event, staff from various backgrounds will be on hand to welcome customers.

Regional Revitalization

On the flights, customers will enjoy local products from various regions of Japan through inflight meals and inflight shopping. In addition, customers will be able to experience the charms of various regions of Japan through conversations with cabin attendants wearing the "JAL TODOFUKEN BADGE (badges to show connection with Japanese prefectures)" worn on domestic flights.

Together with our customers

Actions towards net zero CO2 emissions

A 10% reduction in baggage per person can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as one ton per flight*.
We also encourage you to help reduce the weight of the aircraft by using the restroom before boarding and purchasing beverages upon arrival.
In addition, when airplanes are able to depart on time, operation on optimal routes is possible, which leads to reduction of CO2 emissions.

*In the case of customers carrying the maximum amount of checked baggage on a fully loaded Boeing 777 aircraft (Haneda-New York one-way)


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