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Human Resources Development

Internal Initiatives

JAL Group Basic Education and Training Program

The JAL Group focusing in nurturing leaders and professionals in safety and service areas, it has established a common basic education and training program in FY2012 and has conducted education and training based on this program.In addition to grade-based training, it has expanded cross-organizational programs such as management skills enhancement training to polish business management skills and invitational challenge training.

JAL Philosophy Workshops

JAL Philosophy is the Group shared mindset, values and attitude expected of all persons engaged in JAL products and services.
To deepen our understanding of the JAL Philosophy and put it in to practice, we conduct JAL Philosophy Workshops three times a year for everyone engaged in JAL products and services. The JAL Philosophy Workshops is a place where employees from various divisions can communicate in cross-section and to build mutual understanding.

Facilitators create the teaching materials of the workshop and are selected from various divisions, such as Cockpit Crew, Cabin Attendants, Engineering & Maintenance, Airports and Sales. Workshops are also conducted in oversea stations using Japanese or English teaching materials.
Since 2011, JAL Philosophy Presentation Meeting is held once a year to further deepen our understanding and to reach self-growth, The JAL Philosophy Presentation Meeting will continue as a venue to share examples of how to apply the philosophies including failures and concerns and to seriously focus on putting it into practice.

We will conduct initiatives that promote wider application of the JAL Philosophy as we aim to realize the Corporate Policy that states that we will “deliver unparalleled service to our customers” and “contribute to the betterment of society.”

JAL Philosophy Workshop at Haneda
JAL Philosophy keyperson seminar in overseas
The 9th JAL Philosophy Presentation Meeting

Grade-based Training

The JAL Group conducts training for all new JAL Group staff in spring and autumn, new managerial staff, and Area managers as a venue to acquire knowledge and deeply understand the role required in each Grade. In addition to this, each group companies conduct training to following each career path.


To promote active participation of each employees irrespective of age,the JAL Group conduct Career-Training for employees of all ages. Employees are asked to look back on their career and to build their future career.

Training for polishing Business management skills

The JAL Group offers various trainings for polishing one’s business management skills. Training focuses on common business skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and leadership, as well as business skills dedicated to airline services. Training focusing on stress-management and communication skills for mental health management is also conducted.

Activity-based Training

JAL Group aim to draw initiatives from every employee by conducting Activity-based training. For example, through Communication Leader Meeting (CLM), rather than merely providing suggestions, each member works in the center of the vortex to consider measures and lead example to solve workplace problems and to common issues within the JAL Group.

Group-management Training

JAL Group provide a common program for all Group companies in which candidates for leadership roles can receive training and opportunities to enhance their abilities mutually and beyond the boundaries of companies. Furthermore, we specify the positions recognized as important for our business and management as “Group Management Posts” and have adopted a system for assigning highly motivated employees with strong potential to these positions regardless of which Group company they have worked for.

Training Period and Cost per Person

The JAL Group has a variety of initiatives to motivate its employees. Click Enhancing Employee Motivation to learn more.

This table can be scrolled horizontally.
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 Unit
Training Period per Person 64.7 70.8 72.3 277.1 162.3 Hours/Person
Training Cost per Person 422,187 470,698 449,480 109,321 84,469 Yen/Person

Employee Engagement

Through these efforts, we will improve employee motivation, strengthen employee engagement, and combine the vectors of all employees to achieve sustainable growth for the JAL Group.

This table can be scrolled horizontally.
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 Unit
Employee Engagement 56.8 56.8 54.4 54.4 51.7 %
Employee Engagement per age group
Under 30 - - - - 28.6 %
Over 30 and under 50 - - - - 43.5 %
Over 50 - - - - 27.9 %
Employee Engagement (men) - - - - 47.5 %
Employee Engagement (women) - - - - 52.3 %

External Initiatives

University Education

The JAL Group is also focusing on education to transmit knowledge and experience cultivated in the aviation business to university students, who will become the next generation of leaders. Through education, we aim to deepen understanding of the aviation industry, develop human resources for the tourism industry and contribute to vitalizing regional economies and local industries.
At universities, we give lectures on the airline business to study its history, features and latest business models and lectures on hospitality management to learn the meaning of hospitality while sharing JAL's approaches to hospitality. We conduct activities to pass on both theory and embodied experience and knowledge cultivated over time through practice on the frontline. In addition to lectures, we offer problem-solving classes in collaboration with universities. Specifically, we share problems arising in the aviation industry, seek solutions through the students’ flexible thinking and the ability to take on challenges, hold group discussions to come to a good conclusion, and thereby improve teamwork. These activities not only foster the next generation, but also broaden their career options. The JAL Group will continue to contribute to fostering the next generation through university education initiatives.

Promotion of Overseas Human Resources

To meet the growing demand for air travel, the JAL Group is actively working on human resources development overseas. Starting with Myanmar in 2018, we have started arrangements for partnerships with vocational training schools in Fiji and Nepal. We aim to train overseas airline personnel by providing education on the airline business and JAL Group’s operating system and business through remote lessons, e-learning, and instructors sent to the local schools.
The active participation of overseas human resources in the aviation industry will lead to diversity and new business ideas.The JAL Group will continue to focus on human resources development overseas to realize a society where diverse human resources can play an active role in society.

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