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First in Japan to Start Autonomous Towing Tractor Operations

Jun 13, 2022 Updated.

The JAL Group became the first in Japan to introduce autonomous towing tractors for transporting checked baggage at Narita airport.(*) In May, 2022, the towing tractors began operating on vehicular roads at Narita International Airport.

*Refer to Press Release dated March 02, 2021.“JAL - First in Japan to Officially Introduce Autonomous Towing Tractor Operations at Narita International Airport

The newly introduced towing tractors are equivalent to Automated Driving level 3. Automated Driving Level 3 means that "the vehicle is basically driven autonomously, but a driver is on board to perform an evasive maneuver in case of danger."
The introduction of this system will be a major step toward achieving Automated Driving Level 4, which enables unmanned operation under specific conditions.

This edition explains autonomous driving, the background of the project, and the thoughts of staff involved via video.

[Video content] 3’37"

  • Autonomous Towing Tractor
  • JAL Group Staff Interviews (staff in charge of planning and ground handling)
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