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President Akasaka

Yuji Akasaka,
Representative Director, Executive President

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our valued customers, domestic and overseas shareholders, and our various business partners from around the world for their continuous support of the JAL Group.

The JAL Group is in the midst of our 2017-2020 Medium Term Management Plan, the theme of which is "Challenges, Leading to Growth," and which will build towards the realization of the JAL Vision that would see JAL (1) Transform into a Truly Global Airline x (2) Create New Values One Step Ahead of Competitors = and thus, (3) Achieve Sustainable Growth.

During fiscal year 2018, the second year of this plan, JAL saw through an array of initiatives to bring JAL onto the worlds stage, such as being recognized by SKYTRAX as a 5-Star Airline, establishing ZIPAIR Tokyo, a mid-long haul LCC for international flights, the opening of Narita=Seattle and Haneda=Manila routes, and establishing new and expanding existing partnerships with carriers abroad. Furthermore, we saw steps being taken to continue to grow strongly and create New Values that are One Step Ahead of Competitors, such as the establishment of JAL Innovation Lab, where open innovation is encouraged and nurtured, and the establishment of the Japan Airlines Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital fund that will invest in start-up companies.

Fiscal year 2019, the third year of the Medium-Term Management Plan, will be a year to reflect on the progress so far, and also accelerate those plans by enacting the 2019 Medium-Term Management Rolling Plan.

In this plan, after reflecting upon having received the Business Improvement Order in December 2018 for alcohol-related incidents, we will immediately take up the Reconstruction of Safety and Security standards before anything else. Additionally, JAL will work tirelessly to restore trust and improve corporate value through the improving our own services and contributions to society that will meet the needs and expectations of not only our customers, but also those of everyone throughout society.

We look forward to your patronage of the JAL Group, and we humbly ask for your continued support going forward.