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A Message from the President

Yuji Akasaka,
Representative Director, Executive President
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Tackling Climate Change is Our Highest Priority

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set by the United Nations General Assembly to tackle issues that must be resolved if the world is to achieve sustainable growth and development. As the world faces such many and varied social issues, in order for the JAL Group to achieve growth into the future, our business management must therefore contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. To that end, the JAL Group identified 22 actionable issues across four key areas related to environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG), and posted these on this website in July 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a typical example of how a regional risk can quickly develop into a global problem; not only has the virus caused damage to people's health, it has also had a huge socioeconomic impact. In future, I believe that there will be increased scrutiny of measures to contain the spread of the virus, and the world will attach greater importance to how businesses incorporate ESG into their management practices. For the most part, we are already headed in the right direction, but we must accelerate our efforts. Of all these challenges, it is our view that fighting climate change is most vital to the JAL Group.

Global warming caused by CO2 emissions is an issue in which we have no small involvement, and we have a duty to work even harder to counter it.

The JAL Group has therefore established a Sustainability Committee under the Sustainability Promotion Council, which I chair, to conduct risk and opportunity analysis of the impact of climate change, and decide on the best way to approach each one.

In June 2020, we set a new long-range goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and seek to reduce our CO2 output through four main initiatives: developing and using sustainable aviation fuel; renewing our fleet to more fuelefficient aircraft; consuming less fuel in daily operations; and emissions trading.

Social Change is Accelerating Progress toward Sustainability

COVID-19 is causing a broad rethink and the emergence of the "new normal." Remote work has become widely accepted and ongoing initiatives for workstyle innovation are accelerating even more. The JAL Group has remote work and online training systems in place for nearly all of our approximately 36,000 employees, and they are widely used in the current situation.

If remote work were to become accepted as normal practice, it would provide further momentum to efforts to diversify the workforce by opening up more options to people with disabilities or health problems and people with time restrictions due to childbirth, childcare or nursing care. Recently, working remotely has given rise to added benefits at the JAL Group such as increased communication between cabin attendants and airport staff and information exchanges between overseas staff, all of whom previously had few opportunities to interact. The removal of organizational barriers and locational restrictions has resulted in improvements in diversity.

Accordingly, I think there will be a broad reconsideration of the meaning of "region," as people come to see it as a place to live, work, or travel to. "Workation" is now in the spotlight as a new workstyle. Until now, vacations were limited to specific times of the year and seasons, which meant that everywhere you went was crowded with other holidaymakers. However, a working holiday frees you from the need to take leave at specific times. More options and the freedom to work and rest away from the crowds will surely provide added value to the aviation business.

The new normal and improved workstyles will potentially lead to swifter advances in digital technology as well. I hope they provide further momentum to achieving a sustainable society and bring us closer to reaching the SDGs. The JAL Group is working to ride this wave and doing our part to help make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

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