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Safety Advisory Group

To Thicken our safety layer

In August 2005, JAL requested five experts with extensive knowledge and experience in human factors, analysis of failures and defects, organizational management and culture, and safety to provide the company with objective advice and recommendations. This external panel of experts, called the Safety Advisory Group, provides a wide range of safety advice and recommendations from a professional perspective, which are used in management and safety operations of the JAL Group.

Introduction of the members of Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group is a panel of 5 experts outside the JAL Group who have extensive knowledge and experience in Human Factors, analysis of failure and imperfection, organizational operation and culture, safety etc. The Chairperson is Mr. Kunio Yanagida, a nonfiction writer and critic.

YANAGIDA Kunio (Chair)

Non-fiction writer, critic


Professor Emeritus at The University of Tokyo, Representative of Hatamura Institute for the Advancement of Technology Ltd.
Fields of expertise include nano and micro machining, production machining science, healthcare engineering, the science of failure, the science of danger, and the science of creativity.

KAMATA Shinichi

Professor Emeritus at National Defense Academy of Japan
Fields of expertise include organizational theory and business administration.

HAGA Shigeru

Senior Technology Advisor at Research Institute for Social Safety, Professor Emeritus at Rikkyo University
Fields of expertise include traffic psychology, industrial psychology and ergonomics.


Professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University Fields of expertise include human life engineering.

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