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Nurturing the Next Generation

Through an innovative and unique educational program conducted by JAL, we aim to provide children with discovery learning activities and opportunities to explore and wonder about their future selves and the future of the earth and environment.


Youth lectures and classes that had been conducted individually were reorganized into a program to nurture the next generation in 2013 and have been conducted under the name "Soraiku®" since 2016.
For more information, please visit the Soraiku® website.(Japanese)

Soraiku® content

  • JAL Factory Tour-SKY MUSEUM-
  • JAL Paper Plane Classes
  • JAL Sky Eco Classes
  • JAL Career Talk Event
  • JAL Safety Classes
  • Interviews with JAL Professionals

Number of Soraiku® Participants

Fiscal Year Participants (people)
FY2018 197,469
FY2019 191,840
FY2020 20,435
FY2021 50,147

Joint Programs with the JAL Foundation

With the cooperation of Public Interest Incorporated JAL Foundation, we conduct activities for students and children around the world such as cultural exchanges and activities to nurture the rich sensitivity of children.

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