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Tohoku Cotton Project

What is the Tohoku Cotton Project?

Tohoku is known for rice.Lots of delicious rice is grown.
However, because of the salt damage from the tsunami and and other damages, there are many agricultural areas where growing rice is no longer possible. The Tohoku Cotton Project is a project to support the region's recovery by commercializing the cultivation of "cotton plants" in the affected agricultural areas that are strong against salt damage, and working together with various corporations and farmers to revitalize the agricultural industry and create employment and new industries.

Tohoku Cotton Project別ウィンドウで開く

Illust: JAL Supports Tohoku.

Why is JAL involved?

As part of its "Sky Eco" activities, from 2010, JAL communicated the importance of biodiversity to the public, alongside learning about the importance of "living in harmony with nature".
Because of the earthquake, Tohoku's abundant nature has been damaged and much of the fishing and agricultural industry, etc. that was "living in harmony with nature" was lost.
The "Tohoku Cotton Project" is a challenge to restore the workings of nature. JAL empathizes with this idea and would like to give support and participate in this project.

Start of JAL Eco Jet "Nature" service: With the wish for Tohoku's recovery from the air

On September 30th, 2011, with the thought of harmonizing the Earth's environment and nature, JAL started the service "JAL Eco Jet Nature" flights. Embracing the wish for recovery, JAL has emblazened the logo mark of the "Tohoku Cotton Project" and "Ministry of the Enviroment's Sanriku Recovery National Park Plan" on the body of its aircraft as an initiative to restore nature to the land of Tohoku and return to a lifestyles in harmony with nature.

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