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JAL Supplier Hotline

About Hotlines

JAL Group accepts reports from suppliers' employees in order to work together with suppliers to build a sustainable supply chain that includes legal compliance, global environmental protection, respect for human rights, proper labor practices, and fair business practices. Please contact JAL Supplier Hotline in case of any irregularities, laws and regulations, or any incidents that deviate from JAL Group Human Rights Policy or JAL Supplier Code of Conduct.

Target Users

All persons related to the JAL Group's supply chain, such as employees of supplier companies

Consultation content to be received

Acts and incidents of deviation from JAL Group Human Rights Policy and JAL Group suppliers Code of Conduct

Flow of problem solving

Protection of the reporter

  • In accordance with the JAL Group Information Security and Personal Information Protection PolicyOpen link in a new window, the JAL Group will use the information and its contents only for investigation and response purposes and will not use it for any other purpose.
  • When we investigate and respond to the content of the consultation or report, we will consider the privacy of the person who consulted or reported and Investigation applicable persons, and will strictly observe the secrecy.
  • We will respect the privacy of the complainant so that reporters will not be treated unfavorably such as retaliatory actions.

Reporting method

If you wish to report a crime, please fill out the form and contact us via email or letter.


In the case of email


In the case of mailing

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Procurement Division JAL Supplier Hotline
4-11, Higashishinagawa 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8637 Japan

Number of reports received

We will update it at the end of the fiscal year.

Operation of the hotline

  • In principle, please report in your real name. Anonymous reports are also accepted, but please be aware that there is a limit to the investigation to confirm the facts, and that we are unable to explain the corrective measures.
  • We will not investigate or respond to cases where we cannot confirm the facts regarding the content of the consultation or report, or false consultation or slander.
  • In resolving complaints, we will make efforts to resolve problems by utilizing independent experts as necessary.
  • Complaints will also be reported to management, including the director in charge.
  • We will review our complaint processing system and improve its effectiveness through a review of the reporting results.
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