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Expansion of JAL D&I Lab

JAL announced the opening of JAL D&I Lab in September 2015 and started activities in November of the same year. JAL D&I Lab is a cross-organizational project under the direct control of the President that aims to promote diversity across the JAL Group. It consists of two major projects; the Group Project and the D&I Lab Project, both of which consider measures to promote the active participation of diverse human resources including women.

The Group Project is conducted mainly by staff in charge of diversity from each JAL Group company,where problems vary between companies. The project members exchange information and views, share ideas and conduct activities to promote diversity such as women’s active role and successful participation in the workplace.The D&I Lab Project is a research project conducted by members who applied or were recommended by each Group company. They conduct research under the major theme,“strategies for promoting workplace diversity,” and present their research results to top management. Through this project, the members not only gain a deeper understanding of diversity but also achieve self-growth such as developing their skills to better themselves and advance in their career. Since 2018, we have expanded these activities to Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and are making their activities more widely known to more employees.

The Lab also holds luncheons, forums and lectures presented by top management and outside instructors to create community participation by all JAL Group employees, which contributes to deepening Group-wide understanding about diversity, raising awareness of female employees, and changing the mindsets of managers.

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