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Promotion of D&I

Basic Concept

In 2014, JAL Group top management declared their commitment to diversity. Since then, we have aspired to be a company where everyone can work in a positive atmosphere regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, career or other personal attributes.
Leveraging diverse ideas generated by diverse individuality, we will promote value creation, provide unparalleled service to our customers, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Foundation for Welcoming Diverse Human Resources

In initiatives to date, we have established an organization for the promotion of diversity in the Human Resources Division to create a foundation for welcoming diverse human resources. To enable all employees to be motivated at work and actively participate in the workplace, we continue to move forward with awareness reform and workstyle innovation.
Especially to promoting understanding toward Diversity and Inclusion, since 2015, the JAL D&I Lab (former JAL Nadeshiko Lab), a cross-departmental project, including Group companies in its remit, conduct independent research in addition to seminars and workshops.

Career Opportunities for Female Employees

To achieve JAL Vision 2030, the JAL Group has set a the target of 30% female managers in the group by the end of fisical year 2025, and is promoting the active participation of female employees, who account for about half of all employees. As of the end of March 2022, the ratio of female managers in the JAL Group was 21.9%, and it is steadily increasing every year. We will continue to promote the active participation of diverse human resources through efforts to achieve our target.

Average annual compensation of FY2021 (unit : yen)
*Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. only

Management level (base salary only) : 7,527,033 (women), 7,708,588(men)
Management level (base salary + other cash incentives) : 6,974,967 (women), 7,173,471(men)
Non-management level (base salary only) : 4,439,576 (women), 4,860,202(men)

Cultivating Global Human Resources

In fiscal year 2018 we established the new Global Promotion Office in the Human Resources Strategy Department, responsible for reviewing the organizational operating system, and recruitment, development and assignment of human resources necessary for globalization. Employees in the Japan region centered on young mid-management staff will be provided more work experience and interactions in different cultures through overseas postings and internships at overseas companies. Employees in overseas regions will have more opportunities to learn about the company through training and work experience in regions other than their place of employment. We are also taking steps to develop a Group shared foundation to more firmly instill cross-boarder personnel transfers and exchanges.

Breakdown based on nationality of FY2021
*Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. only

Share in total workforce : Japan (85.5%), China (4.1%), Thai (4.0%), America (1.5%), Others (4.9%)
Share in all management positions : Japan (93.1%), China (0.1%), Thai (0.1%), America (0.4%), Others (6.3%)

Promoting Understanding for LGBTQ

The JAL Group has established a system that applies the same benefits for employees married to same-sex partners under law to employees (and their partner and families) registered as opposite-sex partners as defined by the company.
We also participate in LGBT-related events and seminars to contribute to promoting understanding of LGBTQ in and outside the company. In fiscal year 2019, we have operated the Japan’s first “LGBT charter flight”.
Effective October 1, 2020, we have changed the "ladies and gentlemen" announcements used on board and at airports to gender-neutral language. We will continue to address LGBTQ issues both internally and externally in order to promote understanding not only within the company but also in society.

Opportunities for People with Disabilities

At the JAL Group, we have more than 650 employees with disabilities actively involved in various workplaces. We promote their employment, develop worker-friendly environment such as providing training opportunities with consideration to characteristics of each disability, and hold seminars to increase understanding of disabilities.
As for Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., provide same opportunity for people with disabilities under recruitment. Also, JAL Sunlight Co., a special subsidiary established in 1995, focuses on general administration service operations (payroll-related services, welfare and benefit procedures, business trip arrangements, business card printing, mailing, etc.).
Furthermore, in addition to the cafes and massage rooms for employees that have been developed to date, the company continues to take on the challenge of expanding areas of activity that make use of the talents and abilities of its employees, including the opening of a nail salon in FY2020 and a shoeshine service in FY2021.

JAL has also been a member of ACE since September 2016 and is participating in industry, academia and government partnerships.

*ACE is short for Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises, which aims to develop a new employment model for people with disabilities that contributes to corporate growth. Activities including seminars for human resources management and employees with disabilities and publication of educational booklets to increase awareness, develop role models and provide recommendations to management and society.

Reemployment of Senior Employees

The JAL Group has a program for employees to continue working even after retirement if they wish. At JAL, roughly 80% of retirees continue to play an active role in various workplaces (as of March 31, 2022). By improving opportunities and working terms for continued employment, we will pass on now-how to the younger generation using the experience and knowledge of senior employees accumulated over many years of service.

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