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Workstyle Innovation

Basic Concept

The JAL Group promotes the values of D&I, workstyle innovation and wellness in order to create workplaces, where employees are treated with respect and are engaged and motivated by their work.
We will create workplaces where every employee, our greatest strength, can play an active role, including employees with time constraints due to child care and nursing care.
To achieve this, we will optimize working hours and expand our remote work program. We will also promote workcation and bleisure and contribute to regional revitalization.

Optimizing Work Hours

The JAL Group seeks to cultivate a climate where employees with time limitations due to parenting, nursing care or other obligations can work in a fair manner and become a company where all employees can participate.
We feel that increasing work efficiency and productivity will generate more free time for employees to refresh themselves physically and mentally and to achieve self-development, and that feeding back their experience to values to the company will lead to corporate growth. Therefore, we are taking measures to encourage employees to take annual paid leave under a plan and to optimize work hours.
In fiscal year 2022, the average annual paid leave taken was 16.2 days, or 81.0% of the total entitlement, while the average monthly overtime total was 10.5 hours (excluding general JAL staff on shift work).The actual average for total work hours* in fiscal year 2022 was 1,884 hours, against a target figure of 1,850 hours, representing a 98.2% achievement of the target.
Due to the introduction of super flex time systems in fiscal year 2019, work from one hour per day has become possible, leading to a more flexible workstyle.

* Total work hours (annual) = standard number of work days per year × standard number of work hours per day (8hrs.) + overtime and rest day work hours – {(number of days of annual leave + number of days of special leave + number of days of work absence) ×standard number of work hours per day (8hrs.)}

Teleworking, Workcation, Bleisure

We promote teleworking to give people more freedom in workstyles. At JAL, every employees including ones with time limitations due to parenting, nursing care or other obligations are able to choose teleworking. We have started the initiatives as a trial in fiscal year 2014, and continuously reviewed the rules. In fiscal year 2016, we have permitted the use of teleworking outside the home, and in public space such as café.The use of teleworking is increasing every year, and in fiscal year 2022, the result reached 277,000 person-day.
In fiscal year 2017, we have introduced “Workcation”*2, where employees are permitted to work from vacation site by using teleworking. This allows employees to attend the meeting and take long vacations at the same time, and support the tourism industry as well. Addition to “Workcation”, in fiscal year 2019, “bleisure”*3 now allows employees to take vacation at business trip destination.

*2Workcation・・・a coined-word, combined “work” and “vacation”.
*3Bleisure・・・a coined-word, combined “business” and “leisure”

*The above data does not include subsidiaries.

Communication Space

As well as providing more freedom in workstyles using teleworking, “workcation” and “bleisure”, we believe in expanding communication spaces that spark cross-section communication. With this initiatives, in March 2019, we have launched a communication space “SKY TERRACE” in Tennozu Building, JAL Head Office.


Support for Balancing Work and Family

We have established a system that supports both men and women in balancing the demands of work with parenting and nursing care needs. Information on programs, role models and specific activities is provided over our corporate intranet.



  • Allow pregnant employee to shift commuting time
  • Unpaid leave for pregnancy checkup
  • Prenatal ground job for Cabin crew
  • Childcare leave: available to both male and female parents for 52 weeks with the childcare leave benefit (Benefit cost is partially contributed by the company)
  • Paid leave for child birth (for 3 days)
  • Childcare leave (for men and women, up to the last day of the month that the child turns three years old)
  • Unpaid leave for parenting (up to 1hour per day)
  • Unpaid leave for nursing child under illness (up to 5days)
  • Part-time working options / Shorter days working options
  • Excusing employees parenting from working overtime and from midnight work
  • Arrangements for employees of company-led nursery schools
  • Mother's space for breast-feeding/lactation

Corporate culture

  • Round-table for women employees under childcare leave (Mama-Café)
  • Round-table for men employees under childcare leave (Papa-Café)
  • Interview for employees preparing to enter childcare leave

Nursing care


  • Unpaid leave for nursing care (up to 1hour per day)
  • Unpaid leave for nursing care (up to 5days per year)
  • Nursing care leave (up to 1 year and 6 months)
  • Excusing employees parenting from working overtime and from midnight work

Corporate culture

  • Seminar for employees preparing to provide nursing care (Nursing Care Seminar)
  • Care Prevention promoting charter flight,Care Prevention promoting trip



  • Unpaid leave for employees under infertility treatment
  • Unpaid leave for employees accompanying spouse transferred at work.

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