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History of Uniforms - Grand Staff of JAL

1966 -
Here is a look at the history of JAL’s ground staff uniforms, from the year the company was founded to the present day.

1st Generation Uniform
1966 - 1969

Wore the same uniform as the 3rd generation uniform.
Designed by Mohei Ito.

2nd Generation Uniform
June, 1969 - December 1973

A clean, neat look in sky-blue and navy-blue. Separate summer and winter uniforms. A cape for cold days.
Designed by Hanae Mori.

3rd Generation Uniform
January 1974 - December 1987

Blouse with crane print pattern. Job types are distinguished by color.
Navy-blue and red for agents working at the counter, and navy-blue and white for general office staff.

4th Generation Uniform
January 1988 - March 2004

Sharp deep-blue color with two-tone cap and tight slit skirt.
Slim-waisted jacket and cardigan. Designed by Junko Shimada.

5th Generation Uniform
April 2004 - May 2013

Concept of design: “Japanese tradition and pride, Aspirations toward the sky”
The jacket was woven with Hishi-mon (diamond pattern), which is used for formal suits, and the scarf, with Seigaiha mon (blue ocean wave pattern), which expressed happiness spreading beyond the sea and sky.

6th Generation Uniform
June 2013 -

The first joint effort by cabin attendants and a designer to develop a uniform. Jacket length is 80% of total length. Shirts come in two sleeve lengths (short or three-quarter length) and two colors (pink or blue). The off-white lounge jacket is embroidered with cherry blossoms. Designed by Keita Maruyama.

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