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History of Uniforms - Grand Staff of JAS

(JAS)1971 -
Here is a look at the history of JAS’s ground staff uniforms, from the year the company was founded to the present day.

2nd Generation Uniform
October 1971 -

In bright orange. Sharp, active design.

3rd Generation Uniform
June 1977 - September 1988

In addition to the company brand colors of red and green, a variety of three colors were added to create a total look.
Military style in general. The epaulet was designed fairly long.

4th Generation Uniform
October 1988 - May 1997

Used mustard-yellow as the basic color to project an active, bright and friendly image. A black tight skirt was worn in autumn and winter. Designed by Hiromi Yoshida.

5th Generation Uniform
June 1997 -

In brown to emit a cool, composed and luxurious feel. Blouse in blue pin stripes or peppermint green. Airplane pattern print scarf. Designed by Yumiko Hara.

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