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Providing Moral Support for Children and People in Affected Areas

Support Children in Affected Areas

Chance for Children Charity Miles

The Great East Japan Earthquake had serious impact on the financial situation of many families and as a result, many children in affected areas were unable to receive sufficient education and lost opportunities to study to pursue their dreams.
The JAL Group would like to help children who “want to study to realize their dreams” and families who “don’t want their children to give up on their dreams” and “want to help them receive higher education.” Therefore, we supply “study coupons” that can be used at jyuku (private tutoring schools) and lessons for children with financial problems through Public Interest Incorporate Association, Chance for Children.
For more details, please visit the Chance for ChildrenOpen link in a new window website.

Past Activities

JAL Smile Present Project (2013~2018)

This project started in 2013 summer to give a summer holiday present to elementary school children who lost their parents in the earthquake and their families. This program was conducted by matching the cash equivalent of miles voluntarily donated by JAL Group employees.

Moral support for people in affected areas

Aiku ”From the Skies of Aizu to our Hometown Okuma”

Aiku teddy bears are teddy bears made with Aizu cotton by a group of women called “Aiku” who were forced to evacuate from Okuma, a town in Fukushima Prefecture, in the Great East japan Earthquake.
For more details, please visit the JAL Mileage BankOpen link in a new window website(Japanese).

Volunteer Staff Activities

Paper plane classes and aviation classes

We have held paper plane classes in schools and children centers in affected areas from July 2011.

Special Classes at East Japan Air Technical School (Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture)

In April 2011, prompted by volunteer activities in April 2011 such as cleaning school facilities and teaching aids damaged by the tsunami, restoring the school building, and storing unneeded tables, chairs and cabinets, active cabin attendants, maintenance engineers and other staff have held special classes from June 2012 for students in aircraft maintenance, airport engineer and airport business departments.

Rugby classes by JAL Rugby Team JAL WINGS

From 2011 to 2013, JAL WINGS held rugby classes to promote exchanges with children in affected areas and teach them the pleasures of rugby.

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