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History of Aircraft 1971s

In service from February 11, 1971 to December 17, 2007.
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While the fuselage of the 747-200B was the same size as the 747-100, its performance was improved by increasing engine thrust, reinforcing the fuselage, and expanding fuel tanks. JAL introduced 17 747-200B aircraft over the decade of the 1970s.

In service from September 26, 1973 to January 31, 1996.
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The 747SR is a jumbo jet specifically designed for domestic routes in Japan. Improvements were made to allow the aircraft to fly short routes and to take off and land frequently. The undercarriage and other sections of the fuselage were structurally reinforced and the engine noise level was reduced. "SR" stands for short range.

In service from November 22, 1974 to October 19, 2009.
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The 747-200F is a cargo plane developed from the 747-200B. The cockpit of the 747 was originally placed on the second deck in anticipation of its conversion to a cargo plane. The aircraft was equipped with a nose door that opened upward, allowing it to handle long cargo that to date could not be loaded on other cargo planes.

In service from April 9, 1976 to December 2, 2005.
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JAL introduced the DC-10-40, the successor to the DC-8, to fly medium- to long-distance routes with intermediate demand. The aircraft features three engines, one under each wing and one at the base of the vertical fin. For international routes, the aircraft has additional landing gear located in the mid-section of the fuselage, which increases the maximum take off weight.

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