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History of Aircraft 2021s

In service from January 24, 2024 (Haneda-New York)
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The A350-1000 is more fuel-efficient and quieter than conventional international aircraft, while providing the most comfortable and relaxing cabin space possible. The aircraft will reduce CO2 emissions by 15-25%. In addition, we have decided to replace 1% of fuel on board (FOB) for flights departing from Japan operated by the A350-1000 with SAF, and will expand the use of SAF in conjunction with future route expansion.

In service from Feburuary 19, 2024 (Narita-Taipei)
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Three Boeing 767-300ER passenger aircraft were converted into dedicated cargo planes.
JAL aims to enhance stable and flexible air transportation and achieve sustainable growth of logistics infrastructure. We will also capture growing demand such as e-commerce and express cargo, and contribute to resolve social issues by meeting the transportation needs of pharmaceuticals and perishable cargo, which are crucial for daily life.

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