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History of Aircraft 2001s

Introduced in July 11, 2002.
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Another successor to the MD-11, this aircraft has a longer range (approx. 14,390km) than the 747-400, and since August 2003, has also been used on long-range international flights (Europe routes). As with the 767-300ER, the passenger cabin is equipped with the Magic-3 System, which offers an on-demand (video) function.

Introduced in October 2002.
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DHC-8-400 is a next-generation turboprop airliner which rivals jet aircraft in terms of both speed and comfort.

Introduced in June 23, 2003.
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This aircraft was introduced in June 2002 as a successor to the MD-11. It has a maximum range of more than 10,000km, and features low operating costs. The JAL Group's 767-300ER aircraft offer a two-class executive and economy class service, and are used mainly on flights to Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

Introduced in June 15, 2004.
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This environmentally friendly aircraft is 20% more fuel efficient than the Boeing747-400, and produces less noise and exhaust.

In service from October 13, 2004 to November 19, 2010.
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JAL inaugurated Japan's first Boeing 747-400 freighter (Boeing744F) offering 6% greater maximum load weight and 3% more cargo compartment space when compared to conventional Boeing 747 freighters (Boeing747F).
The aircraft has quieter engines and greater fuel efficiency, and to make it even more environment-friendly its unpainted surface obviates the need for paint or paint remover.

Introduced in November 21, 2006.
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The Boeing737-800 has been created using leading-edge technology and design techniques, providing increased performance when compared to other aircraft from the Boeing737 family. Due to a new wing design, blended with winglets fitted on the wing tips and improved engine performance, it has a long cruising range enabling it to be used on short to medium haul international routes. It conforms to the strictest noise standards and has greater fuel efficiency than earlier 737 types to make it, a more environment-friendly aircraft.

In service from June 26, 2007 to November 5, 2010.
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Medium-size, more environment-friendly freighters introduced to give JAL flexibility to expand its network to meet changes in demand.
Introduced on Southeast Asia and China routes where demand has been strong.
A maximum payload of 56.2 tons and a cruising range of 5,740 kilometers.
As with JAL's 747-400 freighters, the 767-300F aircraft have 'polished skins'; their unpainted exteriors helping to reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

Introduced in October 2008.
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JAL has put into service this small-sized aircraft, optimal for regional operations, to maintain and improve its domestic route network. A feature of this jet is its double-bubble fuselage design, which allows for wider seats and aisles, a higher ceiling and spacious legroom. Albeit its compact frame, passenger boarding bridges can be used by passengers to board and deplane the aircraft.

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